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The Full Story


It's been a wild ride in the UP! This all started with a snowmobile trip with some buddies in 2014 to Ontonagon. For Tim Thorn, it was love at first site. The second trip up was with several families including kids that same winter. We stayed at a nice Airbnb on Indianhead Mountain in Wakefield. Again, blown away by the awesomeness of the UP. Tim told his friends that he was going to buy a place up here. That fall he bought his first place, Wedelhaus. It was the unassuming start for something great. In 2016 we acquired Log Home, and in 2017 we acquired Red Lodge. All the properties needed some TLC and we're proud to continue updating these properties.

In 2021, after Tim and some buddies were talking about needing more space for toys and gatherings, a good Yooper buddy mentioned the Regal Country Inn for sale in Wakefield. We had no clue there was a hotel in Wakefield. In August of 2016, Tim & his buddies decided to take the dive into a 20 room hotel that required A LOT of repairs and renovation. In December 15th 2021 Snow Chasers Lodge officially opened for business. We're not sure if we have it in us anymore to do any hotel renovations again. In August of 2023 we brought another property online in White Pine. A great family style home close to The Porkies. 

Below is a before and after video of Snow Chasers Lodge.

We look forward to seeing you!


The Regal Country Inn

Built in 1972 it was at one time called the Regal Motor Inn. The previous owner we bought it from had it since 1992. At one time there was an ice cream shop and later converted into a model train room prior to the lounge.


Snow Chasers Lodge

Opened in 2021 by powersports enthusiasts and family friends. Renovated and updated. A great place for your group outing. Comfortable, Clean rooms. Family friendly.

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